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Red Line Synthetic Oil products

Why Red Line Oil?

Red Line Synthetic Oil has been creating premium lubricants for the motor racing industry for over forty years. To date, Red Line oil has a line of over 100 quality products, including engine oils, gearbox oils, assembly lubricants, fuel additives and WaterWetter coolant additive. These products meet the highest requirement for the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial markets.

Red Line Oil produces only 100% synthetic base oils using the best esters available, which allows the production of lubricants with extreme stability at high temperatures and an exceptional oil film resistance at lower viscosities.

Using cutting-edge technologies, Red Line addresses the technical challenges of the motorsport competition industry. The Red Line oil range of lubricants is at the top of every market. Each product from Red Line benefits its vast experience in the field of competition.

Red Line offers lubricants for several categories, each with inherent qualities that set them apart from the competition products that have made the Red Line brand known worldwide.

The motor oils offered by Red Line oil are divided into three categories, which makes it possible to choose the product exactly suited to its use.

- PROFESSIONAL SERIES engine oils designed to offer very high performance products while respecting OEM and API standards, thus offering the best engine oils on the market in terms of pure performance, while respecting the extended drain intervals recommended by manufacturers, all this at a competitive price.

- HIGH PERFORMANCE engine oils designed to offer maximum performance and optimum engine protection, with a formulation free of the constraints required for OEM and API approval. It ensures successful products that can be used for competition, for road, track and off-road use for high performance vehicles with exceptional lubricating qualities.

- RACE OILS, which formulation is designed exclusively for racing. The viscosities of these oils are specially formulated for road racing, stock cars, drag and off-road racing. These oils are designed to prevent heat build-up by dramatically reducing engine friction and wear. These oils do not contain the detergents necessary to protect engines for daily use. They do not offer optimate protection against corrosion, efficient evacuation of detritus and secondary combustion products, etc.. Because of this, racing oils need to be changed more often than high performance engine oils.

Fluids for automatic transmission (ATF)

Red Line Synthetic Oil | Automatic transmission fluids

Red Line has the largest range of ATFs on the market, with eight different products available.

ATF Red Line are designed with the most stable viscosity to provide improved durability. In general, conventional ATFs lose their viscosity by the action of shear in the transmission and evaporate at high temperature. ATF Red Line are shear stable and very resistant to evaporation even at extreme temperatures. The wide range offered by Red Line makes it possible to find the friction characteristics required for any vehicle.

Gear, gearbox and reduction gear oils

Gear oil | Red LIne Synthetic Oil

Red Line oil gear oils are designed for specific applications. They use synthetic polyol ester bases providing excellent lubrication under extreme conditions, superior shear and oxidation stability, as well as natural multigrade properties, eliminating the need for unstable thickeners. Gear oils fall into three distinct categories:

- GL-5 rear differential lubricants containing friction reducers to properly lubricate limited slip clutches and reduce bushing and pinion friction.

- GL5 “non slip / NS” lubricants designed for use in transmissions where synchronizers need the proper friction to synchronize gear changes.

- GL4 lubricants, designed for synchronized gearboxes where lower sulfur levels are desired. MT-LV, MTL, MT-85 and MT-90 products cannot be used for hypoid gears (front or rear differential reductors with longitudinal transmission).

Oils from the Shock Proof range

These are lubricants that act like a liquid grease because they contain a suspension of microscopic solid particles that play the role of extreme pressure agent.

These lubricants were designed for use in racing applications and are widely used for dog gearboxes, protecting them better than any competitive products.

Greases and lubricants for assembly

- CV-2 greases are considered to be the best on the market and used by the world's largest manufacturers of competition cars.

- Red Line mounting lubricant prepares the potential wear surface and prevents contact with metal before adequate lubrication can be provided. Unlike other assembly lubricants, Red Line does not clog filters after initial engine start while providing 3 times the film strength of conventional black molybdenum disulfide greases.

Additives improving engine cooling

Cooling system | Red Line Synthetic Oil

Red Line Water Wetter is designed to provide the best possible coolant for combustion engines, while providing excellent corrosion inhibition when added to plain water or glycol coolant.

Unique WaterWetter® reduces the surface tension of water by a factor two, which means smaller vapor bubbles will form than with normal coolant at the metal superficies of the engine. This limits the creation of an insulating gas layer preventing heat transfer. The metal / fluid heat transfer capacities can be increased by up to 15%.

As well as fuel additives, suspension oils all of the highest quality.